What an amazing place.

We’ve got the ole’ Coathanger, the famous Sydney Opera House, and some of the most beautiful foreshore views in the world. She sure is a photogenic place.

In-fact, we’re so spoilt for choice that deciding where to capture a sunrise or a sunset can be a mission in itself. To get you started, here are my top five golden hour photography locations around Sydney Harbour.

1. Mrs Macquaries Chair

This is easily one of the most photographed locations across not only Sydney, but the whole of Australia. You’re likely to find hundreds of locals, tourists and a handful of photographers gazing out at the beautiful view as the sun falls behind these 2 iconic structures.

Best time: Sunset


2. Kirribilli (Jeffrey Street Wharf)

You’ll be spoilt for choice down at the Kirribilli Wharf.
Whether you point your camera towards the East, South or West; you’re guaranteed a beautiful view of the city skyline, the harbour bridge or the open waters.

Best time: Sunset
Sydney Fire

3. Bradley’s Head Lighthouse

This is by far one of my favourite spots for a nice early Sunday morning. There are a couple of compositions available here and the sunrise can be seen all year round. Keep an eye out for the cruise ships coming in to dock though, they pass right behind the lighthouse.

Best time: Sunrise
Mosman Lighthouse


4. Anzac Bridge

Overshadowed by the Harbour Bridge, the Anzac Bridge also offers some fantastic compositions and really allow you to get creative. You can shoot from on the bridge itself, from one of the many quiet streets in Pyrmont, or Blackwattle Bay Park.

Best time: Sunrise or Sunset
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