Making The Move To An iPad Centric Workflow – Part 2: Before & After Examples

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It’s part 2.

A few months ago I published details of my experience in replacing a Macbook Pro and Lightroom Classic CC with an iPad Pro 12.9 and Lightroom Mobile for the majority of my post-processing work. I hadn’t initially planned on turning the whole experience into a small series, however, since publishing the original article, I’ve received a lot of questions and feedback from you guys over on social media wanting to learn more.

So, here we go!

To be honest, it works out well since I’ve already made a few small changes to the workflow I originally discussed. Lightroom CC, for example, and contrary to the statement I made in the original article, has now been partly introduced into the workflow. I’ve also spent more time with additional apps, such as Affinity Photo, that have been able to fill in for the more complex tasks that couldn’t be accomplished with LR Mobile, or those that still required a full machine.

I’ll speak more about those in the following installment as I’m still exploring various changes and testing new things out at the moment.

For today, I just wanted to do a very brief before and after showcase to give you an idea of just how well the iPad, and Lightroom Mobile, can handle post-processing, since this has been one of the more common points of discussion.

iPad Pro 12.9 & Lightroom Mobile Before & After Examples

For clarity, each of the following images were shot in RAW format which allowed far more control when it came to adjustments when compared to a standard JPEG.


I also regularly share before and after edits over on my Instagram story, so, if you’re keen on seeing more, feel free to follow me over there. You can also find some of previous stories pinned to my profile page. @jyebeckett

Now I know this was pretty short and, to be honest, not very informative when compared to what I normally publish. However, the next article on this series, which I’ve already made a start on, will answer more questions and house much more actionable content.

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