Hey there.

I'm Jye.

That’s my Wife and I having blast in the rain on our own Wedding day back in 2017.

Where to begin?

Before all else, I’m a proud father and husband. My world revolves around my gorgeous little girl and my beautiful wife (She runs Ellybug). It’s not uncommon to find me dancing around to the Bluey theme song with my daughter or exploring somewhere new with both of them.

As for photography, it’s my other love. I’ve been involved in it, in some way, since my high-school days. But it hasn’t always been my “job” or even on the cards as one.

I studied Audio Engineering after leaving school, before teaching myself all about digital marketing. I then spent nearly 8 years in senior marketing positions across a range of exciting startups. I thought that would suffice as my creative outlet, but it didn’t. The 6-figure income was great, the people I got to work with were amazing but the work itself just wasn’t fulfilling enough for me. So I left!

Over those years, outside of work, I spent many hours chasing the sun rise and set with a camera in hand across Sydney’s foreshore, beaches and the eastern coast. I’d camp out in cold of winter in the middle of nowhere for the perfect shot of the Milky Way. Or I’d set-up for as long as 3, 5, 6+ hours at a time to record timelapses that lasted for no more than a couple of minutes. My Wife wasn’t always fond of my 2 and 3am wake ups to go chasing those sunrises though. Sorry babe 😘. But I loved it.

One of my favourite long exposure shots I’d taken of the Sydney Opera House in the early hours of the morning.

And so here I am now.

I loved, and still do love, landscape & seascape photography and I don’t think it’s something that I’ll ever stop doing. But, I always felt like there was still just a little something missing. I wanted to do more. I wanted to tell unique stories of human love and connection.

And that’s how I got to where I am now. Capturing beautiful engagement, elopement and wedding moments. I love being able to hang out with rad couples to photograph and celebrate such a special time in their lives. And perhaps just as cool, I love being able to intertwine my landscape techniques and compositional quirks with those of my wedding skills to create stunning moments for couples in love.

I look forward to meeting you.

Much love,
– Jye

Beautiful wedding & engagement photography for the modern & adventurous couple.

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