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I'm a photographer, online marketer, and adventure seeker from the sunny suburbs of Sydney, Australia. You can check out some of my work below

Portrait Sand Quay

Vivid Sydney


Jye Beckett Gallery - Image 3

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GoPro Hero 4 Session Review 2017 – Worth The Budget Price Tag?

A little late to the party on this one? Yes, and no. The GoPro 4 is about two years old now, but is it still worth looking at, even with the recent release of the new GoPro 6? I’d say so, particularly with the cheaper price tags on them. Why The Review On An Outdated Device I recently landed back in Australia after spending some...

24 Actionable Marketing & Promotional Ideas For Photographers

I hope you’ve got a full cup of coffee/tea/juice/beer! This might take a while. First up, I’m not a professional photographer. And, by that I mean I don’t get paid to take cool photographs all day; although that would be pretty awesome. But… I am a marketer by profession! I earn a living from crafting compelling campaigns that entice...

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